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Hire a professional, not an amateur.

You hire a car mechanic to fix your car, so why not hire a Tax CPA to prepare your taxes?  Tax CPAs do this all year long and for about the same money as an amateur charges you.

Tax Chain Clerk

Tax Chain Clerk/Amateur



Getting a quote to have your taxes prepared by a Tax CPA is easy.  Got 59 seconds to spare?

Step 1 Provide us with your basic information below and we’ll confirm that we have a CPA near you.

Step 2
Select the forms you used last year, or know that you need this year and get a quote.

Step 3
Purchase or Print. Purchase your quote online and the price will be honored through April 15th or Print it and take it to your CPA office and pay there. Pricing on the printed quote will be honored for 72 hours from the date/time stamp printed on the bottom of the printout.

More often than not, seasonal employees working at the tax chains know how to put numbers in a computer but that's it. Tax CPAs do this work all year long and know the rules that get you the biggest refund/lowest liability possible. Our competition might use "WATSON" but if you put garbage in, you get garbage out. So, don't get your taxes prepared by a computer input clerk at a tax chain when you can get it done by a Tax CPA for about the same money. If you need another reason, Tax CPA's won't charge you extra for a "Peace of Mind Warranty" because we always stand behind our work.  If you want to see what other people are saying about our competition click here

Participating CPA firms:
Agoura Hills, CA (29904 Quail Run Drive, jeff@jrrubincpa.com) ♦ Albuquerque, NM (1201 Eubank Blvd NE, kbalkcom@balkcom.com)  ♦ Anchorage, AK (3150 C St, Ste 250, ron@albancpas.com) ♦ Annapolis, MD (1997 Annapolis Exchange Pkwy Ste 300, jody@limbachercpa.com) ♦ Atlanta, GA (201 17th St NW, Ste 300, jforbes@forbes-accounting.com) ♦ Auburn, WA (300 M St NE, lorrie@rareyolsoncpas.com) ♦ Austin, TX (9200 N.Lamar Blvd Ste 103, David@DtuckerCPA.com)   ♦ Champaign, IL (4802 Westborough Dr info@summerfieldtax.com) ♦ Charlotte, NC (8514 McAlpine Park Drive cpadog69@yahoo.com) ♦ Dallas, TX (5956 Sherry Lane Ste 1300, kep@kepnercpa.com)  ♦ Dayton, OH (2717Cedarbrook Way, tom.bargsley@gmail.com) ♦ East Islip, NY (136 E Main St, mariya@mlcpas.net) ♦ Fort Wayne, IN (7327 W Jefferson Blvd, kwenger@@culpcpa.com) ♦ Galveston, TX (415 EBeach St, Ste 610 jfcpa@aol.com) ♦ Hamden, CT (2319 Whitney Ave, Ste 5-D todd.r@hrmtcpas.com) ♦ Houston, TX (120 Smith t, Ste 1600 jfcpa@aol.com) ♦ Jacksonville, FL (12058 San Jose Blvd, rich@cpablankenship.com)  ♦ Las Vegas, NV (7495 W Azure Blvd, kr@krcpa1.com)  ♦ Marlton, NJ (100B Centre Blvd jeff@fbbcpa.com) ♦ Meridian, ID (1815 E. Expedition Dr, wklein@wck-cpa.com) ♦ New Orleans, LA (828 Royal St, Ste 401 john@jnolaancpa.com) ♦ Northville, MI (117 E Main St Ste 201, ken.svobada@svoboda-mcdaniel.com) ♦ Pensacola, FL (105 E Gregory Sq, john@pharrcpa.com) ♦ Punxsutawney, PA (104 W. Mahoning St gene.ejmcpa@gmail.com)  ♦ Sherwood, AR (3150 East Kiehl Ave drouse@donlrouse.com) ♦ Somerville, MA (697 Broadway Ste 4, al@alamircpa.com) ♦ South Windsor, CT (134 Sullivan Ave, todd.r@hrmtcpas.com) ♦ Springdale, AR (3150 E Kiehl Ave, drouse@donlrouse.com) ♦ Tallahassee, FL (1684 Metropolitan Circle, rich@cpablankenship.com) ♦ Westland, MI (528 Ethan Drive wolsoncpa@gmail.com) ♦ Woodbury, MN (Vincent LLoyd CPA, 651-998-9859)

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