Tax CPAs know how best to maximize your refund and minimize your liability.

Clerks at the tax chains only know how to input numbers in a computer.


Q : I moved in 2015 so I used a Form 3903 for my moving expenses in 2015. Do I have to select this form even though I don’t need one for 2016 taxes?
A : No, don't select any forms you know you won't need.
Q : After I pay you, will I have to pay the CPA firm for anything else?
A : Not unless you needed a new form, but it works both ways. If you indicated that you needed a form that you don't you will be refunded for that form.
Q : I’m a CPA, and want to know more about it this program and maybe join it. What requirements do you have when you select a CPA for your team?
A : The firms we look to will be capable of expanding during the tax season, have a client portal or other ability to exchange information, be registered with the AICPA and be willing to assign a CPA to that tax return for compilation and filing purposes.  Use our contact sheet to learn more.
Q : How many CPA firms do you have and where are they?
A : As of July 13, 2016, we work with 41 CPA firms covering 32 States and are expanding.
Q : After I pay and my CPA is assigned, will I be able to call them with my tax questions?
A : Yes, unlike some of the tax chains who lock their doors after tax season or staff their offices with persons who are not tax experts, you can call your CPA at any time.
Q : Why would I pay via the website instead of at the CPA office?
A : Payments via the website will be honored throughout the tax season whereas printed quotes are only valid for 72hrs.  CPAs in our system can change prices at any time.
Q : Do I need to physically go to the CPA office?
A : No, the CPA you were assigned is able to receive electronic transmission and mail from you making face to face contact unnecessary.  However if we have a CPA in the system they will either be in your county or the next county over from you.
Q : Can I find out who my assigned CPA will be before I make a purchase?​
A : Yes, you'll know who the CPA is when you receive your quote.